At Edmertion, we believe every student holds a universe of potential. We're here to navigate them through this cosmos of career possibilities, using technology as our compass and human insight as our guide.

Our AI-powered Career Discovery platform; Aspiral GPT is the heart of this journey, inviting students to uncover their potential in unexpected places. Just as every star in the sky is unique, so is every student's path - explored and illuminated through our bespoke algorithm. Beyond discovery, our Personalized Learning Pathways shape the course of each student's academic journey. No two pathways are alike - each one is sculpted carefully, reflecting the distinct talents and dreams of every student. Navigating the vast academic terrain can be overwhelming. That's where our comparison engine, CourseNet AI comes into play, serving as a lighthouse, guiding students towards the institutions best suited to their aspirations and aptitudes.

Our Mission

Unveiling the horizon of affordable, unbiased career guidance, we seek to empower every student, every dream, every future.

Our Vision

Destined to set a new global standard in career counselling. We're not just changing the game; we're redrawing the entire playing field, empowering each learner to unveil their exceptional potential.

Meet The Team

Rahul Jainer


Rahul Jainer is our dynamic founder and marketing genius. His years of experience in the education industry, coupled with his natural flair for sales, makes him an invaluable asset to our team. Rahul is the driving force behind our marketing strategies, utilizing his insights to connect with our audience and spread awareness about our groundbreaking services.

Tech Partner

Brihat Infotech

Software Consulting & Development for Digital Success

Our vision is to create a world of warm and friendly IT solutions in which we aid people with the best of Consultancies, Designing, Development all under one roof.

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